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Tooth Extraction Greeley CO

Tooth ExtractionsAn Overview

Tooth extraction is an advanced treatment option for severely decayed or infected teeth. Dr. Marr and Dr. Marr will always attempt to save as much of the natural tooth as possible using dental fillings or root canals. However, there are cases where the infection or decay has damaged too much of the tooth and it needs to be removed for the benefit of your oral health. Tooth extraction may also be part of a treatment plan for a young patient who has a bite problem or crowded teeth.

Sedation Dentistry

Often times patients end up needing a tooth extracted because they have avoided visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Tooth decay that goes untreated will progress, causing an abscess or infection that can compromise the tooth. For patients experiencing dental anxiety or who have a fear of the dentist, Dr. Marr can recommend sedation dentistry options. Sedation dentistry allows the patient to feel totally relaxed and at ease during their treatment but remain awake and able to communicate.

I appreciate that Dr. Kevin is very thorough and explains my options. He is honest and knows that we do not have dental insurance. I trust him to only do procedures when absolutely necessary. I highly recommend Dr. Kevin to anyone needing a dentist.Marie F.
This is the best dental practice that I've ever encountered in my 52 years. Kevin and Kami are not only kind and compassionate, but they have knowledge to address your problem, no matter your condition. There is no judgement about the condition of your teeth, whether they're perfect or you…Laurie P.
I have been so pleased with Drs. Kami and Kevin since beginning with them in December. They have been very attentive to my recent dental challenges, serving me with excellence and compassion. I've personally recommended them to a couple of my work colleagues, and can't speak highly enough of their…Bruce H.
...from the moment I walked in the door for my first visit, the gals behind the desk made me feel comfortable. I can honestly say I have anxiety when I visit the dentist but everyone made me feel at ease, and Dr. Kami is top-notch. I have finally found a…Kelly P.
Everyone at Marr Family Dentistry was very friendly,helpful and informative. I had recently moved here from NJ and needed advice on my dental problem. Dr Kami Marr put me at ease, helped me make a decision, and performed the dental procedure. I was very pleased with every aspect of my…Diane K.
Found the dentist office was efficient. Appointment time and in chair were right on. X-ray equipment appeared to be up to date. Teeth cleaning and inspection was very professional. Everyone was extremely professional and enjoyable to converse with. Explanation of treatment was explained to both spouse and patient for complete…Allie L.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

In most cases, Dr. Marr can perform the tooth extraction, In the case of a complex problem or wisdom teeth removal, you will be referred to local specialists. The procedure can generally be completed in one visit to our Greeley, CO dentist office and is a relatively comfortable treatment.

Using local anesthetic, the area around the infected tooth will be numbed for optimal comfort. The tooth will then be gently wiggled back and forth, detaching the tooth from the root system. Once the tooth is detached it will be taken out of the socket.

The area will be thoroughly cleaned and sutured shut. Some patients may receive a dental implant to replace their missing tooth. The implantation of the titanium post will be coordinated with a local oral surgeon prior to your treatment.

We will provide instructions for at home care after your extraction to avoid complications and ensure a speedy, healthy recovery.