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Dental Implant Cost Greeley, CO

It is no secret; dental implants cost more up front when compared to dentures or a dental bridge. The end result, however, clearly shows why they cost more. Ongoing maintenance cost must be taken into consideration as well. Dentures and bridges require a lot of time consuming and costly special care, cleaning products, and maintenance. The initial cost of removable restorations do not factor in the replacement cost which will be necessary every five to fifteen years. There are many factors that go into the cost of dental implants. No two patients seeking them are alike therefore, neither are their bills. These factors include:

  • The number of missing teeth
  • The location of missing teeth
  • The size of the implant
  • The need for teeth extractions
  • The need for bone grafting
  • The type of restoration needed

What does one dental implant cost?

Replacing a missing tooth with a single dental implant will cost about $3,000 up to $4,500 according to an article written by The New York Times. This price could vary depending on your geographical location. Choosing an implant to replace your missing tooth is the best choice for your oral health. Just a single missing tooth can cause many complex dental issues. These include causing your teeth to shift, bone loss in the jaw, and it may also affect your bite. The final dental restoration used for a one tooth is a dental crown. Our Greeley, CO dentist office uses a tooth crown made from high quality, durable and natural looking material.

How much do dental implants cost for the whole mouth?

Replacing a full or partial set of damaged or missing teeth can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $45,000 according to the same New York Times article. This price could vary depending on your geographical location. An implant secured with a dental bridge or denture will be used for multiple missing teeth. A thorough examination at our Greeley, CO dentist office will be done to determine where to place the implants and which types of restoration will work best for you.

Why do dental implants cost so much?

Implants are a highly customized dental treatment for patients with damaged or missing teeth. The entire dental implant process, including the treatment planning phase, surgical implantation, and healing phase, will take months to complete. There are many appointments involved including a surgical procedure. A replacement tooth is comprised of a titanium post that is lightweight as well as long lasting. Attached to that is an abutment which is responsible for holding on to the dental restoration. The dental restoration itself will need to be customized to fit your mouth, teeth, and smile.

The Benefits of Paying More

Dental implants are a long-term investment in your oral health and overall well-being. They will help to prevent the need for further costly advanced dental care. Not only that, they will boost your over-all confidence. How much would you pay to be able to smile, eat, and speak without embarrassment for the rest of your life? No more fear, no more embarrassment, only confidence! With regular oral hygiene routine and regular visits to our dentist office, your dental implants can last a life time.

No other missing teeth solution will compare to dental implants. They are the only solution that will restore your teeth back to full function. With a high success rate, they are the only permanent option to replace missing or damaged teeth. When compared to other replacement options, the benefits include:

  • No food restrictions
  • No fear of restorations falling out
  • Improved speech
  • Avoids bone loss in jaw

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