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How to Keep a Healthy Smile During the Holidays

Maintaining your oral health over the holidays is insanely important. You’re traveling and out of your normal routine, and there are tempting treats everywhere. Marr Family Dentistry, your dentist’s office in Greeley, CO, has some helpful tips to keep that smile healthy throughout the holiday season.

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Keep Up Your Routine

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to give up your typical oral health routine. Bring along all of the tools that you normally use at home. If you have an electric toothbrush, water pick, or a specific kind of floss you use, pack it. Make sure you have your retainer. If you have braces or another orthodontic device, bring any special equipment you need to clean them.

Keep Scissors on Hand

The kids are going to want those toys opened right away. Don’t get caught without scissors or a pocket knife to help open things. Biting and tearing into packaging can easily cause a chipped or cracked tooth. This means a trip to your local Greeley, Colorado dentist for dental bonding or a crown to fix that crack. 

Avoid Candy and Other Treats

The holidays come with all sorts of candy and treats that can damage your teeth. Sucking on hard candy like candy canes means the sugar stays in your mouth for a long time. This leads to an increase of bacteria that give off acid that decays your teeth. Biting into hard candy can also lead to a broken tooth if it’s making contact with the teeth in the wrong way

Sticky candy like caramel isn’t a good option either. While it’s in your mouth for a shorter amount of time, it tends to get stuck in crevices in your molars and in between teeth. Candy lingering on those surfaces encourages tooth decay under it.

Don’t think that candy is the only culprit either. Things like peanut brittle and peppermint bark can also get stuck in teeth. Depending on the piece you get, it may also be hard enough to break a tooth.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is one of the biggest ways you can help your teeth during the holiday. It can wash away excess food bits and make sure your mouth stays hydrated. Alcohol or drinks with caffeine can dry it out. Keeping your mouth hydrated and full of saliva is how you flush away harmful bacteria. Usually, water contains fluoride, which helps keep the enamel on your teeth strong.

Utilize a Popular Holiday Decoration

Nutcrackers don’t have to be just for show. They’re a useful tool to avoid damaging your teeth. Setting out a bowl of nuts on a table or counter is usual for the holidays. It’s always nice to have snacks to pick at while the main meal is cooking. But some people try to crack them with their teeth. While you may want to show your big brother how tough you are, find another way. Use a nutcracker for this one.

Your Dentist in Greeley, Colorado

At Marr Family Dentistry, we want to help you keep your teeth healthy and you happy throughout the holiday season. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to schedule a cleaning after the holidays are over