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Do I Need a Single Dental Implant?

You’ve lost a tooth and are thinking about replacing it. But do you really need a dental implant for a single missing tooth? The answer is yes. Marr Family Dentistry, your dentist in Greeley, CO, can provide you with a dental implant to complete your smile and benefit your oral health.

single dental implant in Greeley Colorado

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

A missing tooth isn’t just a cosmetic issue. It’s important for your oral health to replace it. Each tooth contains a root structure that goes into the bone. Without that root structure, the bone around it starts to deteriorate. Even a single missing tooth leads to bone loss in the jaw. 

In addition, the teeth around the new hole are going to start shifting to try and fill the void. If you had work done to straighten your teeth before, that can be completely undone by a missing tooth. The teeth will become crooked and unevenly spaced as they try to compensate for the hole that’s now there.

Lastly, a missing tooth can impact your diet. Depending on where the hole is located, it can impact how and what you eat. You may not be able to eat the full range of things that you’re used to. This means you may not be able to get the full range of nutrients that your body requires. 

Why a Dental Implant

For one tooth, your options are an implant or a dental bridge. So why get an implant? While it is the more expensive option of the two, a dental implant is hands down the best option to replace missing teeth. It’s as close as you can get to the look and feel of a normal tooth. It also replaces that tooth root that you lost. This means that it can help prevent further bone loss in the jaw and can stimulate the growth of the jaw bone

For a bridge, you have to damage your other teeth just to replace one tooth. Since a bridge has to be supported by your healthy teeth, some enamel is removed from those teeth so that the bridge can be placed. With a dental implant, none of your other healthy teeth are impacted. It also prevents them from shifting around, keeping your smile as straight as it was before.

Getting a Dental Implant in Greenley, Colorado

The dental implant process is customized to the needs of each individual patient. We’ll evaluate the condition of your mouth to make sure that you’re a suitable candidate for a dental implant. If you don’t have enough jawbone for the implant to be placed, you may need to get a bone graft.

Once we determine you’re a candidate, we’ll coordinate with one of the top oral surgeons in our area. The implant post is placed in your jaw and will need a few months to heal and fuse with the bone around it. When the healing process is complete, the full restoration can be completed in our office. This leaves you with a brand new tooth! You’ll have full use of it and no diet limitations. It’ll look and feel just like a natural tooth.

Are you ready to make your smile complete again? Call us today or request an appointment online!